Linda Adamowski

Linda is a Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, Exploding Possibilities Coach, Health & Nutrition Consultant 


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Linda Adamowski


It all started here...

Have you tried everything out there, from self-help classes, books, diets, groups, hoping to change things that weren’t working for you? You felt different for a few days, then it all came crashing back.YOU KNOW there is more to life, living, health,  joy, the earth, yet where is it???  Where were the answers? Linda asked those questions too….  

Today, with the tools of Access Consciousness, Linda empowers others to “Know that they Know”.  Linda encourages YOU to be the creator of your own change and assists you in letting  go of everything that isn’t working in your life through private sessions or group classes. Clients use these tools in their own lives and businesses to create more money, better relationships, and more fun. Would you like to expand your life, body and even your business with more Ease, Joy and Glory?           

Would you like to expand your life, body and even your
business by learning and using these tools?

My training has included designations and certifications yet is not limited to the following:    
* Relaxation Massage Therapy    
* Cranial Sacral Therapy    
* Usui Reiki    
* Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator    
* Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator    
* Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator    
* Whole-Body Regulation Thermometry
* Certified Financial Planner CFP    
* Chartered Life Underwriter CLU
* Life – yes my life has been my greatest teacher and facilitator.  

​How did I get so lucky?